by Adam Inglis


  1. Diane Arbus’s photographic work

    2023-07-09 18:21:19 UTC
    Diane Arbus was an influential American photographer known for her unique and often controversial approach to capturing images of marginalized individuals and subcultures.  Here are ten key takeaways from her work: 1. Exploration of the Marginalized Diane Arbus’s work focused on capturing the lives of marginalized individuals and groups, challenging…

  2. 10 Jungian Insights Applied to Storytelling in Photography

    2023-07-01 15:13:17 UTC
    Jungian insights offer a rich framework for approaching visual storytelling in photography. By delving into these concepts, photographers can create captivating and emotionally resonant images that invite viewers to embark on their own imaginative journeys within the frame 1. The power of visual symbolism Photography has a unique ability to…

  3. Garry Winogrand’s Lecture at Rice University

    2023-06-29 16:56:54 UTC
    Garry Winogrand (1928-1984) was a groundbreaking American photographer known for his raw and dynamic images that captured the essence of post-war America. His prolific career and ability to depict the complexities of a changing society continue to inspire generations of photographers. In 1977, Garry gave a talk to students at…

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