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December In New York City, Featuring SantaCon




The SantaCon Pub Crawl

December in New York City of course means SantaCon — the annual pub-crawl tradition that takes place in cities all over the world, however, New York City is one of the biggest and most popular destinations for the event.

Every year, thousands of people dress up in Santa costumes and take to the streets of the city for a day-long celebration of all things silly season.

The event takes place on a Saturday in December, and participants gather at a Midtown Manhattan meeting spot before stumbling off to get completely pissed on a route that takes them through different neighborhoods and bars across the city.

A slow month for street photography

December can be a challenging month for street photography in New York City due to the cold weather and shorter days with limited daylight.

The cold temperatures can also discourage people from much spending time outdoors, and the low light conditions can make it difficult to capture clear and vibrant images save for a few hours each day around lunchtime.

As a result, many street photographers have to adapt their techniques or seek out alternative locations to find interesting subjects during this slower season.

I find myself using flash a bit more at this time of year because it can be pretty difficult to range/zone focus when it’s so dark outside — especially in the Manhattan cross-streets where direct sunlight fails to reach.

This month I also spent quite a bit of time working on cleaning up and keywording my archive and on other projects.

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